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"Le Petit"
de Petit-Village

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    • Le Jardin de Petit-Village, second wine of the estate, is only made from the Merlot grape, traditional Pomerol grape variety. It is an elegant, round and harmonious wine, ready to drink earlier than Château Petit-Village.

    • Blend

      100 % Merlot

    • Ageing

      100% Barrels that are one vintage old for 12 months

    • Vintage conditions

      2018 was a challending year with outstanding results.
      After a winter with temperatures slightly below the ten-year average and regular rainfall between December and March (just over 500mm), rainy weather continued in March with lower than average temperatures lower.
      Bud break started late, around April 10th, with consistent budding. Flowering started rather early, around May 25th for the Merlots, and took place rapidly. The spring and early summer of 2018 were among the most difficult that we have ever had to face. All weather conditions seemed to be perfectly aligned for a devastating and prolonged attack of mildew; however, once this very alarming early part of the year had passed, much more beneficial conditions prevailed.
      The onset of veraison was observed on July 23rd in our Merlot plots, a few days earlier than in 2017. On the other hand this phase took longer due to the summer drought. The vineyard's water reserves allowed maturity of the tannins to develop well, despite the water shortage of previous months. Thanks to hot days and cooler nights the conditions for ripening were ideal.
      With ideal weather conditions, the harvest took place smoothly from September 19th to October 1st, with a total of 6 days of harvesting.

    • Tasting note

      Tasting note (November 2020)
      "Produced entirely from Merlot, Le Jardin de Petit-Village 2016 presents all the combined characteristics of the variety and the appellation. It is between purple and ruby in colour, with aromas of fresh red fruit, a light note of spice on the nose, and great smoothness on the palate. This is a perfect balance for a wine that can be enjoyed two or three years after bottling."  Diana Berrouet, Technical Director

"Le Petit" Petit-Village